About the artist


Yuk-Sem is a self-taught artist from Northern Ontario. She began in her early childhood, exploring a variety of art techniques including drawing, painting, calligraphy and sculpture. She has been doing commission work since 1988.

Working with many community groups, businesses, and individual commissions, Yuk-Sem has developed a wide variety of expertise and flexibility in her interpretation, themes and use of mediums. Her work specializes in acrylic, water colour and oil paintings, ink work, calligraphy, and working with commercial designs. Yuk-Sem also enjoys working with various mediums including epoxy, polymer clay, engraving on wood/steel/glass and organic materials such as antlers.  Many of her works feature the landscaping, wildlife and leisure of Northern Ontario. Her multi-cultural background and upbringing influence her diverse works, often incorporating the elements of various cultures into her art. Yuk-Sem has had gallery showings, participated in art shows and fairs, taught both workshops and formal classes to all ages and levels.